Key words

Imago’s birthday is traditionally celebrated by us somewhere outside the country. So we arrived in northern Italy now, all ten.

Our trip would look like this if using key words only and many comas:
Milano, heat, vampires, Chinatown, claustrophobic elevator, Duomo in 3 minutes, Birra artigianale, World Expo 2015, train escaped, luggage, another train escaped, Genoa, "komunalka", rabbit with scissors, pizzeria, smelly bus no. 15, gelateria with surfers, nightlife with jazz, the sea, rusty Costa Concordia, the beach, pebbles in our underwear, Stand by me, ciao Genoa, train delays, the controller, another train, Milano, airport, duty free.

Each comma is a moment that makes us remember every detail, every corner and thought from that trip.

Happy birthday, Imago! Wish you many colorful, different and unusual years.