Jo bs

graphic designer

A graphic designer at Imago, is first of all a good graphic designer. A young, creative and fearless soul willing to know and discover more and more every day. Send us your portfolio that is worth it, your CV and the tasks fulfilled.


  • understands the task clearly and is able to envision the final result according to target audience specifics;
  • has aesthetic feeling and sense of composition, can organize properly spaces and add accents where needed;
  • feels the vibe of a certain copy and is able to organize it in text layouts using font families and typographic styles in a proper way;
  • is fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign;
  • knows to express ideas through sketches.


  • Hypothetically speaking. In a short time, in Chisinau, a new movie theater is about to be opened, a really good cinema with really good movies, all winners of known international festivals. With a proud, promising name CINEMATOGRAF, all they need to make it work is a good logo. Show us your proposal of the logo, along with its applications.
  • Create a self-portrait. For this purpose, use any tools you want or have at hand (pencils, note sheets, all kind of scrap metal, flowers, ants or a hot piece of mamaliga), any known and unknown techniques. Please, feel free to express yourself anyway you want it, we are so very curious to get to know you.
  • Describe your solution to this problem: during the weekend our studio photographer made a photo shooting of 20 glasses of white, red and rose wine. Because of some miscommunication he got everything wrong shooting on black background instead of yellow, as we asked him to. What should be done in this situation?