An identity is more than a logo. It is a clear system deeply rooted into a valid idea. It should be flexible enough to be easily adapted to different mediums but stay representative to the product all along. All in all, it should come up into a simple graphic solution in the end.


We believe publicity can be both, beautiful and efficient. Communication is key for establishing a relationship between brand and consumer, this is why we care as much for the message we transmit as for the visual form it is incripted in.


What once was our primary field of work is now a vintage hobby. In a digital world we still like the scent of a freshly printed magazine, the feeling of a textured paper. We like to drop by the printing house in the morning, to get the print sample. It is a nice medium, we like experimenting with it.


People consume. Brands offer. Every product has its customer, they just have to see each other. The shelf is the most sensible touchpoint for both, this is where you should strike.


The best production houses are our good-old friends. Recently though, we've developed a new field of work, diving into the world of animation. We are still beginners, but we move fast.