Aquatradeis a trading house with a history in the past and a vision for the future, allways up to date with the latest tech and business inovations.

The ability to study any existing issue with an elaborate, yet flexible look was the ideea that lay into the foundation of this visual identity. As much as it is an abstinent approach in terms of color and form, the identity is hardlly statical. Aquatrade is allways moving, allways changing, ready to take challanges and explore for answers.

Aquatrade is a versatile business, with a vast, multifaceted expertise, that states for the transparency of its intent. This is the spirit of the company and it was our job to transmit it into a visual solution.

Paper is the main communication medium of the brand, so we chose to stay solid white. The illustrations and the layout though reveal the innovative spirit of the company.

Coherency is key in branding. In order to keep everyone, involved in the marketing and design materials for Aquatrade, on the same page, there is a well-thought brandbook available to answer any question.