We, Moldovan people, claim to have a unique word for a feeling called Dor. It is a melancholic emptyness we feel when reffering to something ore someone dear. But what if we could objectify this feeling, and take it home to fill our hearts with joy.

fromtheheart.shop promotes quality products made in Moldova on the international market. Products that come FromTheHeart of our country. They come from home.

We come from a small but fruitful land. Beautiful ideas and people spring up here. Many are leaving it now, but we still love to come visit, at least in our memories, in our hearts and souls. As we were thinking about it a flower sprung from our heart, from the love we carry for the place we were born in.

The identity system is based on the vertical floral element similar to the lavender or salvia, supplemented by patterns, colours, lines and gradients. It gives you nostalgic links with the past, but takes you to the future with modern and playful visual presence.