The project that will never exist.

Wine map, as we knew it, does not exist anymore. The wine is no more an elitist product. Anyone, anywhere has access to a bottle of good wine, maybe not exceptional, but decent – for sure.

The task was to create an identity for a an "OK" wine, targeting the outsiders, not the connaisseurs. People who do not know what tannins are, or how to spell "chardonnay” and do not want to feel unconfortable about it.

We came up with Ed, a messy, slightly geeky guy, who knows a lot of interesting stuff and likes to share his knowledge in a simple, funny but intelligent way. An atypical guide for the wine world. There are no stupid questions for Ed. He knows how to address every single question mark, but most importantly he knows how to make you feel good about it and about yourself.

„Ed knows” is the complete name of the project. Beside the lable and packaging we wanted to give him more space to express himself in an mobile application, that we imagined, as a shopping buddy. Depending on the products you gathered in the basket Ed could help choosing the wine, or it could be the other way around. Ed could give you some interesting info on the wine you have chosen, or even a punchline you could use at the party, later in the evening.

Ed also knows this is all to good to be true, this is why the project was never implemented.