In the autumn of 2019 we've created the visual comunication concept aimed to promote Moldovan Wine Day, as a result of a tender organised by ONVV. We trully think that #chisinaucanbebeautiful so we've proudly created the key visual for this unique event.

* Moldova National Wine Day is the largest wine tourism event in the region. Over 60 winemakers from all over the country gather here annually, the event is visited by thousands of Moldovans and tourists from abroad. In 2019 Moldova National Wine Day celebrated it's 18th anniversary.

Moldovan people are proud hard-workers and good wine-makers. Our hands love the soil, the land, the dirt, we worship it through work. As we manually collect them, every grape caries our unique fingerprints — and with them our national, wine-making identity.

Inspired by Mihai Grecu's paintings we wanted to catch the local spirit and express it through an imperfect, manual graphic style.

We've created a series of warm graphic illustrations, thinking about our traditions, our people, the ritual of harvest and autumn mild sunny days.

Even though there are no national ornaments, no national port, we believe the visual transmits the right emotion, that resonates with the National Wine Day atmosphere in Moldova.