JOC — a story about Moldova told to he whole world. 

The JOC National Ballet is both history and living present. It is our folklore in all its dynamism, complexity, and rich ornamentation. It is an expression of vitality, a force of a community, a power of a culture. It is our backbone to which we can always come back to, whenever we find ourselves lost in the whirl of globalization.

The JOC dances are not half said, nor whispered. They are strongly asserted, cried out loud. Every single dance, by means of unique costumes as well, declares the joy of life with unshakable confidence. Colors, embroideries, accessories, the whole array of elements rise to the task of amplifying the emotional, cognitive, sensorial experience of the beholder.

The JOC performance is a human scale kaleidoscope, composed of elements that change the dance in unexpected, but equally impressive ways.

Additional credits: Design process involved images from the JOC archive, sequences from the movie "JOC. Energy of Life" directed by Pavel Braila and images from for hypothetical placements.