Who were the Dacians, what did they look like, how did they lived? We don't know and probably will never find out.

And still, this part of our identity is so vibrant and real that, inspite of the lack of knowledge and precise documentation, we can feel it inside our own selves, in the moments when we feel balanced and grounded.

Because of the glory and mistery that sarounds this subject, we made every charachter in the logo a symbol of power. Every one of wich leaves a shadow, a trace of the past, that will be caried around for more generations to come.

Casa Dacă is a beautiful hotel with a wine shop and a restaurant worth visiting. The place itself has a profound energy, it is a place that feels good to be in. The identity can be followed even through the walls of this house, in the simple, raw materials like stone, metal and wood, everything executed in earthy colours. We tried to follow through, and integrate the signage flowlesslly into the spirit of the place.